WorkDropmix (Hasbro/Harmonix)

Official Trailer

For the announcement of their innovative new game Dropmix, Hasbro and Harmonix turned to Ant Farm to create an announcement film that sells the dream of infectious remixes created through simple yet addictive gameplay.

Using bold and dynamic colors pulled right from the game itself, Ant Farm created a film that shows how Dropmix brings color and fun to any situation. As our silhouettes play the game, a never-before-heard remix is created, mixing Sam Hunt with Carly Rae Jepsen and others in a dynamic, fluid progression, while colors shoot across their bodies and around them. The two silhouetted teams continue to battle and dance until finally a player drops Earth, Wind and Fire’s classic “September” which changes the mix and sends the game in a fun, new direction. The film premiered at the Mashable SXSW 2017 Mash Bash event followed by a world-wide release online.

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