February 12, 2018

Ant Farm Trailers Featured In Entertainment Weekly's Top 20 Somber Trailer Songs List

Earlier this year, Entertainment Weekly published their Top-20 “somber” cover songs used in movie trailers. Three of the selections were produced by Ant Farm's in-house music team. Head of Music Simone Benyacar explains how the covers came together:

#11: Every Breath You Take (Blair Witch)

Watch the trailer here »

"It was one of those magic moments where everything seemed to just fall into place from concept to execution - it’s a universally known song, the lyrics felt as if they had been written just for this campaign and reinventing the meaning of it in such a drastic way would be attention grabbing to audiences. As we were able to make this cover entirely in house, we were able to control every detail of every sound and the delivery of each lyric to create something that undeniably fit this campaign like a glove."

#10: Paint It Black (The Last Witch Hunter)

Watch the trailer here »

"We had been thinking about using 'Paint It Black' for a while but with it being such an iconic song, we needed the right opportunity. When this project came along, the scope of it was massive—we had a larger than life story and stunningly epic visuals that could support a beautifully dramatic trailerized cover of a legendary song. We ran with the idea and worked with the right music producers to create not only what you hear in the trailer, but what also ended up as the end credits of the film itself."

#5: Survivor (Tomb Raider)

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"Lara Croft has become a female icon that extends far beyond the video gaming community. We needed the right song to really capture how powerful she is both as a character and as a symbol. Destiny’s Child “Survivor” was an immediate thought. With such a female powerhouse of a group attached and lyrics that really spoke to Lara and her story, we really embraced the poetic idea. We hand-picked the composers we wanted to bring this massive idea to life specifically for this project."

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